The Day It All Changed…

I still remember the day, 19th April 2003, aged 8, my first ever Wolverhampton Wanderers game. On this day the near full packed out Molineux were treated to a delightful game of football ending in a 3-0 drubbing of Millwall in the then Football League 1, now the Championship. A goal from Colin Cameron and a brace from Shaun Newton gave Wolves all 3 points.

 Being my first ever game, it was a very special day for me as little would I know it would change my life forever. I still remember walking up the Southbank steps with my Dad hearing the crowd noise grow step by step. Its are tremendous feeling stepping out into the stand for the first time and seeing the pristine pitch, almost too nice to play on, but in a swift moment I felt like I belonged. The late great Sir Bobby Robson sums up the frist time going out a football match very well, it’s the exact feeling I got when stepping out into the stand for the first time.  Sir-Bobby-Robson-Quote-Altered-By-Newcastle-United-600x335The first time you visit a football stadium be it with your friends or with your parents, it instantly becomes a part of your life. you cannot help but return as you can never get enough. You want to buy all the merchandise, hats, scarfs, shirts, the lot. To this day I have never turned my back on the club, recently becoming a season ticket holder and about to embark on my 5th season as a season ticket holder, I’m 100% sure there will be plenty of ups and plenty of downs, but thats the beautiful game we call football. Ask any football fan about their first game and iI’m sure they will say it changed their life in a way nothing else could. Football Stadiums are a place you go to and forget about everything else in our lifes for a few hours on a weekend, a time for laughter but also plenty of depressing times (especially as a wolves fan). But the football family are the best people in the world to go on the journey with, trust me, if you are reading this and yet to go to a game, do it, dont hesitate, just do it. you wont regret it, win lose or draw its always a pleasure to go to the footy on a Saturday afternoon.

Football, The Beautiful Game. summed up by Bill Shankley.



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