The Apple iPhone: Innovation to Stagnation.


So, we’re deep into quarter three of 2016 and the annual reveal of the Apple iPhone 7 is rapidly approaching. I strongly believe this is make or break for many die hard Apple consumers. Primarily I would transpire that I am an Apple loyal customer. I have owned nearly every model of iPhone since the iPhone 3G, and I also possess the likes of an Apple Mac computer, Apple Watch and iPad Pro. Whilst I’m genuinely content with my entourage of Apple devices, I believe the lack of innovation with regards to the iPhone is becoming strongly apparent for the mass market.

Lets go back to the vastly innovative year of 2007; the initial release of the first ever Apple iPhone. It is commonly debated as to why the iPhone was so successful. Was it the already prominent name of Apple entering a expansive mobile market – or was it the…

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