Zenga Zenga Zenga, Sacked Before November November November…

Where did it all go wrong for Walter Zenga?

A question that can be answered simply, football is a results business, and he wasn’t getting results. But is there more to it than that, was it entirely his fault? Why didn’t it work out? lets have a look into it.

30th July 2016 – Wolves hire Walter Zenga following the sacking of Kenny Jackett.

A shock appointment to most fans, including myself, a man who has had 15 clubs in 17 years and no experience of the English game would be a shock appointment to any fan, but most fans got behind him for the most part of his 3 months in charge.

He came into a club who had recently been taken over by Fosun not long before his appointment and had to manage a team including 13 new signings and all the other players from the past season, so all in all a squad of 25+ players isn’t the best for a manager just starting a new voyage in a country he’s never managed in before, so he has to work around all of those players and a totally new style of league in the championship, tough for any manager, never mind a man who’s never managed in this country before.

The season got off to a steady start for Zenga gaining 8 points from his first 4 games, including a convincing 3-1 win over local rivals Birmingham City. The start gave us Wolves fans a sense of hope going 4 games without losing.

Zenga after Wolves 3-1 win over Birmingham City.

But its amazing what 1 loss can do for a team, Huddersfield away was that game, a 1-0 loss started the downfall for Walter, leading to only 2 more wins in the next 10 games, all be it against a good Newcastle team who’d just won 6-0, and against a Brentford side who’d made a good start to the season. those 2 wins got the fans back on side and gave us a sense of hope and belief that this team could do well this season.

A loss against bottom of the table Wigan was the result that turned the season upside down, and sparked the start of the end of Walter Zeng’s time at Wolves. Although fans grew to like Zenga, he was passionate and wasn’t afraid to change things if it wasn’t working.

Were the results all his fault, in some cases yes, playing players out of position, constantly trusting a defender who quite frankly, cant defend and not playing players who should be caught up with Zenga in the end which was probably why the results weren’t coming, but you have to put some results down to the lack of effort from players and giving up in games such as the 4-0 home defeat to Barnsley. The players let Zenga down in most of the games this season, so much so, you were led to believe the players didn’t want Zenga in charge.

In the end, a home defeat to Leeds United was the end for Walter Zenga, all be it he fans didn’t want him to go as they thought he was the man to take us forward, but Fosun want results, and want them straight away, Zenga was never their first choice for the job so they made a quick appointment to steady the ship.

I for one am sad to see Zenga depart as I liked him as a manager and as a guy, but we will have to wait and see what happens in the near future, will Fosun hire a manger with experience or go over seas again, who knows. Lets hope the good times return.



Zenga, I for one wish you all the best in the future. Thank you.


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