Top 5 Away Games I’ve Been To…

In my time as a Wolves fan I haven’t been to loads and loads of away games as I’ve only been a season ticket holder for 5 years, but the away games I’ve been to in this period of time have been some of the best days ever!

Before we get this started, I’d like to note, I wasn’t at the Play off Final in 2003 so that has not made the list. Also, I never had a season ticket in the Premier League so I never did an away game in those years either. Lets get this started!!



In at number 5 its Aston Villa away, Championship season 16/17. 1-1 draw. Goals from Helder Costa and Jonathan Kodjia. The day it self was a dull one, raining, cold and miserable, and topped off by a trip to Birmingham. Villa Park is a nice ground in all honesty, but the atmosphere was a bit stale in the first 15 mins or so, up until Villas goal. This was a particularly good game due to our away following, a sold out away end who didn’t stop all game, and when we scored, oh my, the scenes in that away end. we should of won that game, we had chance after chance but when its not your day, its not your day, also there was some suspect refereeing that day, but the less said about that they better.



In at number 4, a trip to West Ham, Fa Cup 3rd round, Upton Park. 1-0 loss sadly, but to say that I’ve been to an historic ground like Upton Park before they left is a good feeling. Once again, like Villa away, the day was miserable. Cold, rainy and dull. But even though we lost 1-0, we played surprisingly well, truth be told, we deserved to win. But the chances never went in, sadly. The atmosphere was immense, a sold out Upton Park and near 3000 travelling away fans who never stopped singing all game, it was a great day, until the journey home, lets just say being stuck on the motorway in stand still traffic because of an overturned car wasn’t fun for over an hour.



In at number 3, its Birmingham City away, Championship season 16/17. A 3-1 win! Goals from Maghoma for Blues and Joe Mason, Danny Batth and Jon Dadi Bodvarsson. This away game was quite simply brilliant! A sold out away end which made for a fantastic atmosphere from our end. The Blues fans not so much, empty seats everywhere. Going 1-0 down wasn’t nice, and going into the break 1-0 also wasn’t ideal. But boy did the lads come out with some force in the 2nd half. Joe Mason scoring the goal of his life caused pandemonium in the away end, people jumping on each other, crushing each other, worth it though. The 2nd from Danny Batth caused even more pandemonium in the away end, causing me to fly 2 rows in front and grappling 2 other guys. funny thing football, does things to you nothing else would. and the 3rd well, scenes. Utter scenes. We couldn’t quite believe it. The game was topped off by the entire team and staff taking part in the Icelandic clap, quality, such a fun away game.



Runner up in this list is Newcastle away, Championship season 16/17. 2-0 away, yes 2-0 AWAY. Quite remarkable. Not going to lie, I went to Newcastle that day with very little hope, we’d just lost 4-0 at home to Barnsley and Newcastle had just won 6-0, so you can probably tell I wasn’t in the most positive frame of mind. But boy was I wrong. The day was a nice one, sun shining, and 3000 Wolves fans heading north. After walking what felt like hours up the stairs to the away end we took our seats to witness a quite convincing Wolves win, probably would of been different if Newcastle scored early on like they nearly did. but they didn’t so that’s by the by. Goals from Chancel Mbemba (OG) and Helder Costa caused us fans in the gods of Newcastle to go absolutely barmy. Leaving the ground with my voice gone and 3 points was quite brilliant, and a fight broke out after, would it be an away day without one? no, of course not.


Honourable Mentions

Before we find out my best away game, a few honourable mentions, Mk dons away in League 1, 9000 fans we took, 1-0 win, sound. Great away day. but sadly doesn’t make the list. Birmingham City away, Championship season 15/16, 2-0 win away, goals from Dave Edwards which cause utter scenes and then a point sealer from Sheyi Ojo, another fantastic away day. But lets look at number 1 on the list.


Number 1 on the list is Leeds away, Championship season 15/16. 2-1 win. Sold out away end. Leon Clarke winner. What else is there? But seriously, this game is Number 1 for a number of reasons. The atmosphere for this game was unreal, from both Wolves and Leeds fans, Leeds with that bloomin Marching on Together, Wolves with Those were the days, brilliant. 2nd reason, a Leon Clarke winner which caused me injuries that I’m still recovering from to this day, but it was so worth it. 85th minute 1-1 and who pops up with the winner Leon bloody Clarke, couldn’t of been anyone else. A number of fans ran down the stairs to the front (including myself smashing my knees off a solid wooden chair). Pandemonium is how I will describe it. Voice was gone, knees weren’t functioning properly and still aren’t to this day. But my word was it worth it. Ask anyone who went to that game today what it was like, they will tell you the same, and the 3rd and final reason is because my best mate is a Leeds fan, and I know he will read this so Luke, if you are reading this, just reminding you of the day.




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